At Fabric + Flow Textile Co, our goal is to bridge the gap where creativity meets passion! We understand the thrill of finding that perfect fabric, the one that speaks to your soul and ignites your imagination.

As a Canadian fabric shop, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality fabrics and supplies that inspire the creative soul within sewists. Every thread, every pattern, every texture is chosen with you in mind, ensuring that your next project is not just a creation, but an expression of who you are.

Our Story

Have you ever felt a calling so strong that it's impossible to ignore? Meet Milan, the heart and soul behind Fabric + Flow. Just like many of you, she discovered her love for fabrics in a high school fashion class, a passion that was further fueled during her time at a fabric store. Life, as it often does, took her on a different path — into the world of engineering and motherhood. But the whispers of her creative soul never ceased.

Perhaps you've felt it too? That yearning to create, to express, to dive deep into the world of colors, patterns, and textures. Milan listened to that call. After becoming a mother, she reconnected with her sewing machine, not just as a hobby, but as a lifeline to her true self. This journey led to the birth of MINI Street, a clothing brand, and eventually, Fabric + Flow. It's a testament to the idea that it's never too late to embrace your passion, to change paths, to become who you were always meant to be.

At Fabric + Flow, we see a bit of Milan's story in each of you. The late-night sewing sessions, the joy of a finished project, the endless hunt for the perfect fabric. We're here to support, inspire, and journey with you, every stitch of the way.